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Navigating the Site

Your Pick Lists

What is a Pick List?

    A Pick List is a collection of newsletters, services, and other offers. Mailshell users have the option of creating Pick Lists of their favorite offers to recommend to other users.

How do I add a Pick List?

    To add a Pick List, click the "Add a Pick List" link on the Options page. Then:

    • Enter a title for your Pick List.

    • Enter a description of your Pick List.

    • Enter the name you wish to use.

    • Select an overall rating for your Pick List.

    • Choose whether you want other users to be able to see your Pick List in the public directory.

    • Select the offers you would like to include. (You are only allowed to choose from offers you are currently subscribed to or have subscribed to in the past.)

    • Click the "Save Picks" button.

How do I edit a Pick List?

    To edit a Pick List, click the "Edit a Pick List" link on the Options page, then click the "Edit" link to the left of the list you wish to edit. You can then change any of the information associated with that Pick List.

    You can also delete a Pick List by clicking the "Delete" link to the right of the list name.

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