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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does Mailshell prevent junk email?
I'm having trouble signing in. What should I do?
After I sign up, what is my email address?
After I sign up, how do I filter my email?
If I already own a domain, can I use Mailshell for my email?
What is a DNS MX record and how do I modify it to use Mailshell for my email?
Can I use a desktop client (such as Outlook) to check my email?
If I upgrade to the Premium service and get a new domain, what happens to my old subdomain?
Can I change my sign-in name once I've registered?
Can I change my domain name once I've registered?
Can I use Mailshell to stop spam coming to my current email address?
Can I use Mailshell to stop unwanted pornographic images?
My email address has changed, and I want to get all my email at a new address. What do I do?
If I reply to a message I have received at a forwarding address, will my address still be protected?
How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter, service, or other offer?
How do I delete my Mailshell account?
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

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