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Navigating the Site

Personal Email Domain

What does "Manage Your Domain Address" mean?

    If you have the basic service, your Mailshell subdomain can be directed to the Mailshell homepage or to your My Mailshell page. By default, it points to the Mailshell homepage. (If you choose to point it to My Mailshell, you will be asked to sign in unless you have "Remember me" checked.) To use this feature, go to the Options page and click the "Manage Your Domain Address" link. Use the radio buttons to make your selection and click the "Save Settings" button when you are done.

    If you have the Premium service, you have the additional option of forwarding your personal domain to another website or specifying the IP address where your site is located. (The IP address is the four-number identifier for a site's location--for instance, "" Specifying an IP address means that browsers will not be redirected and your domain will appear just like any other website. Please note that Mailshell does not offer site hosting services. If you do not know your site's IP address, contact your hosting company.) If you choose to forward to another website, the change will take effect immediately. If you choose to specify an IP address, the change can take up to five business days to take effect. (This time period will also apply if you have selected the IP address option, it has taken effect, and you subsequently choose another option.)

    To forward your domain, use the radio button to select "An existing website at" and enter the URL of the website you'd like your domain directed to; to specify the IP address, use the radio button to select "IP Address" and enter the address. Click the "Save Settings" button when you are done.

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