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Premium Service

What is the Mailshell Premium Service?
What extra features will I get with the Premium Service?
How do I use the different Premium features?
How does the Premium Service compare with other email providers?
How much does the Premium Service cost?
How do I sign up?
Do I have to select my domain during registration, or can I do it later?
If I already have an account, how do I upgrade to the Premium Service?
If I upgrade, do I have to get a new domain?
If I upgrade and get a new domain, what happens to my existing subdomain?
If I register a domain through Mailshell, will I own my domain?
Will I be able to have a website at my domain?
Will I have the option of transferring my domain elsewhere in the future?
How long does it take for a new domain to be ready?
If I already own a domain, can I use Mailshell for my email?
What domain suffixes do you support?
Do you plan on offering more domain suffixes in the future?
What is a DNS MX record and how do I modify it to use Mailshell for my email?
Can I use a desktop client (e.g., Outlook) to send and receive messages?
What is Mailshell's refund policy?
Could the cost of the Premium Service increase in the future? If so, will I have to pay more?
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