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Navigating the Site

Account Management

How do I change my password?

    From the Options page, click the "Change Password" link. Then:

    • Enter your current password.

    • Enter the new password you wish to use.

    • Re-enter the new password you wish to use.

    • Click the "Save Password" button.

    For confirmation and security, your new password will be emailed to the email address you used to sign up.

How do I set up a secret question?

    You can create a secret question to verify your identity if you ever forget your password. To do this, first click the "Secret Question" link on the Options page, then:

    • Enter your password.

    • Enter the secret question you wish to use.

    • Enter the answer to your secret question.

    • Be sure to choose a question only you can answer.

    • Click the "Save Question" button.
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