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Reading Saved Messages

How do I know if I have new messages?

In the Spam Filtering Overview section of Spam Filtering and the Inbox section of Check Mail, the upper left corner of the page will indicate the total number of new messages you have and which folders those messages are in. You can click a folder name to view that folder or click the "View Unread Messages" link to see all of your unread messages at once regardless of which folder they are stored in.

If you would like to be notified at an outside email address when you have new messages saved at Mailshell, you can use the new message alert feature.

How do I see messages in different folders?

You can view the messages in any folder by opening it. To do this, go to the Inbox section of Check Mail and use the "Current Folder" menu in the upper right to select the folder you wish to open, then click the "Go" button. You can also go to the Folders section of Check Mail and click the name of the folder you would like to open.

How do I move messages between folders?

There are two ways to move messages from one folder to another:

  • Open the folder with the messages you would like to move, use the checkboxes to select those messages, use the "- Choose Folder -" menu to the left of the "Move" button to select the destination folder, and click the "Move" button.

  • Open the message you would like to move, use the "- Choose Folder -" menu to the left of the "Move" button to select the destination folder, and click the "Move" button.

How do I read a message?

Once you have opened a folder, you can read a message by clicking the subject line of the message you wish to read. When reading a message, you can reply, forward or delete the message; move to the previous or next message; close the message; and add the sender to your Blocked Senders or Address Book contacts by clicking the appropriate links. You can also move the message to a different folder: use the menu to select where you want the message moved to and click the "Move" button.

How do I reply to a message?

When reading a message, click the "Reply" or "Reply All" links. ("Reply" will only send the message to the address you originally received the message from; "Reply All" will also include any Cc'd addresses.) The Mailshell address the message was originally sent to will automatically be selected as the From address; other than that, you simply compose as you would any other message.

If you have turned on the Email Address Redirection feature, you can also reply to emails received through Mailshell at your forwarding address or through POP or IMAP and have the message come from the appropriate Mailshell address--your actual email address is stripped from the "From" field and replaced with the address the message was originally sent to. For example, if you receive an email at your Yahoo! account that has been forwarded through the disposable email address, when you reply, the recipient will see the message as coming from rather than the Yahoo! address.

Please note: When you use the "Reply All" feature, the Mailshell address that received the original messages will be included in the list of recipients whether you're replying from your Mailshell account or from your forwarding address, and you'll receive a copy of your reply. To avoid receiving this copy, simply delete the Mailshell address from the list of "To" addresses.

How do I forward a message?

When reading a message, click the "Forward" link. You can then specify which address you want the message to come from by using the "From" menu or by creating a new disposable address with the field provided. Next, specify the address(es) you wish to forward the message to, add any comments to the message body, and click the "Send" button. Your message will be sent with the forwarded message attached.

Are there any size limits on individual messages I can receive?

No, there are no limits on individual messages beyond your account's storage quota.

Is there a way to see the full email headers when viewing a messages?

Yes: you can view the full email headers by opening the message and clicking the "Message Source" link at the bottom of the page.

How do I sort messages in a folder?

After opening a folder, you can sort your messages by recipient address, sender, subject, date, or size. To do this, click the appropriate column header. Click the header again to reverse the direction of the sort.

You can also set your default sort by using the Display Options.

Can I change how many messages appear on a page?

You can choose how many messages you want to appear on a page by using the Display Options.

How can I find a specific message?

You can search the headers and body of all your messages to find a specific one. First, click the "Find a Message" link within any folder; you can then do either a basic search or an advanced search.

To do a basic search:

  • Enter the keywords you wish to search for in the field under "Find a Message."

  • Click the "Search" button.

To do an advanced search:

  • Enter the keywords you wish to search for in the field under "Advanced Message Search."

  • Select the search criteria you wish to use (part of message to search in, message type, and/or folders to search in).

  • Click the "Search" button.

How do I delete messages?

There are three ways to delete messages:

  • If you are looking at messages within a folder, check the boxes to the left of the messages you wish to delete, then click the "Delete" button.

  • If you are reading the message itself, just click the "Delete" link.

  • If you are in the Folders section of Check Mail, you can delete all the messages in a folder by emptying it.

All deleted messages are stored in the Trash folder until you have emptied it. To empty the Trash folder and permanently delete the messages, click the "Empty Trash" link within any folder or in the Folders section of Check Mail. (Note that messages in your Trash folder older than 14 days will be automatically deleted by the system.)

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