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Reading Forwarded Messages

How can I change where messages are forwarded?

If you have the free trial service, you are limited to using one forwarding address at a time, and all messages forwarded through Mailshell must go to the same address. To change that address:

  • Go to the Forwarding Addresses page in the Address Book section of Check Mail.

  • If you haven't already, add and verify the address you wish to use.

  • Use the buttons on the left side of your forwarding addresses list to select the address you wish to forward messages to.

  • Click the "Select Active" button.

All forwarded messages, including password changes and new message alerts, will now be sent to the selected address.

If you have the Premium Service, you can select different forwarding addresses for different addresses. Once you have added a forwarding address, it will appear in all of the appropriate delivery settings.

Please note: For free trial users, if you gave a forwarding address when you signed up, that address is treated as verified only as long as you do not switch to another active forwarding address. If you choose another forwarding address, you will need to verify the original address before you can use it again.

If I reply to a message received at a forwarding address, will my address still be protected?

By default, your address will not be protected. You can, however, turn on the Email Address Redirection feature--when that feature is turned on, Mailshell automatically redirects your message so that when the recipient receives it, it appears to come from the appropriate Mailshell address. (For example, if you receive an email at your Yahoo! account that has been forwarded through the disposable email address, when you reply, the recipient will see the message as coming from rather than the Yahoo! address.)

If you do not want to have this feature on, you can also protect the address yourself by using the remote compose format.

Please note: Even with Redirection turned on, your email address may not be protected if you include it in the body of your email. The best policy is not to include your real email address within the message body and be aware of whether you have any automatic signatures or features that include the address.

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