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Blocked Senders

What are Blocked Senders?

Blocked Senders are senders that, for whatever reason, you don't want to receive email from. Messages from these senders will be automatically deleted by the system.

Blocked Senders can be either email addresses (e.g., or domains (e.g., You can add and delete senders from your list in the Blocked Senders section of Spam Filtering. You may block up to 1000 email addresses and/or domains.

Why would I want to maintain a Blocked Senders list?

The Blocked Senders list is useful when you are receiving email from senders you know you don't want email from--an individual sending you harassing messages, commercial email you aren't able to unsubscribe from (in which case the ability to block the entire domain is particularly useful), etc.

How do I add an address or domain to my Blocked Senders list?

There are three ways to add Blocked Senders:

  • Go to the Blocked Senders section of Spam Filtering and enter the sender into the field provided, then click the "Add" button. You can specify either an email address (e.g., or a domain (e.g., If you specify a domain, any address sending from that domain will be blocked.

  • From within a folder, check the box next to the name of the sender you wish to block, then click the "Block Senders" button. Those senders will be automatically added to your list.

  • From within a message, click the "Block Sender" link next to the "From" field. The sender will be automatically added to your list.

How do I remove an address or domain from my Blocked Senders list?

To remove Blocked Senders from your list, go to the Blocked Senders section of Spam Filtering and select the senders you wish to remove, then click the "Delete" button.

What happens to messages from Blocked Senders?

Messages sent to you by Blocked Senders will be deleted by the system; they will not bounce back to the sender.

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