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Address Book

What is my contact list used for?

Your contact list is where you can store email addresses of friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else you may send messages to. When you compose messages, you can use your contact list to address the message without having to enter all of the email addresses manually. Contacts are also automatically treated as Approved Senders; messages from the email addresses you list as contacts will never be filtered as junk by the Spam Catcher.

You can add, edit, and delete contacts from the Contacts page in the Address Book. If you already have an address book with another email account, the best way to start taking advantage of your Mailshell contact list is to import that address book.

Currently, Mailshell's contact list only lets you store a first name, last name, and email address.

How do I add a new contact?

There are three ways to add contacts to your Address Book:

  • Click "Address Book" on the light blue navigation menu. Enter the sender's name and email address in the fields provided, then click the "Add" button. The only field required to add a contact is an email address. The contact will appear in your list, alphabetized by last name.

  • When reading a message or after sending a message, click the "Add to Address Book" link to add the sender or your recipients (if they aren't already there).

  • If you already have an address book with another email account, import that list.

How do I add a new group?

To make it easier to send messages to more than one contact in your contact list, you can create groups of email addresses. To create a group, click "Address Book" on the light blue navigation menu; then click the "Groups" link. Click the "Add New Group" button. In the Add Group page, choose the contacts you wish to add to your group and click the "add >>" button. Enter a name for your new group and click the "Save" button. Your new group will appear in your contact list.

How can I import my address book from another email account?

To save you the trouble of adding all of your contacts manually, Mailshell lets you import existing contacts from several commonly used email clients: Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, and Yahoo!. To do so:

  • Export your contacts from your existing email client to a file.

  • Click the "Import Address Book" link at the bottom of your contact list in the Address Book.

  • Use the menu to select the type of file you will be importing.

  • Enter the location of the exported file or click the "Browse" button to find and select the exported file.

  • Click the "Import" button.

Your contacts will be uploaded and added to your address book. Any information not supported by Mailshell's address book--phone numbers, street addresses, etc.--will not be will not be included, and any entries for email addresses already in your contact list will not be added. Please note that you cannot upload an import file larger than 1MB.

If you need more help with this function, click the appropriate tutorial below for detailed instructions:

How do I edit a contact?

You can edit the information for any contact in the Address Book section by clicking the "edit" link on the right side of that contact. Change the information however you like, then click the "Save" button.

How do I delete a contact?

You can delete any contact in the Address Book by clicking the "delete" link on the right side of that contact.

How can I find a specific contact in my list?

You can find a specific contact in the Address Book by clicking the appropriate letter link for that contact's last name. A list of all contacts whose last names begin with that letter will appear.

How many contacts can I have?

You can have up to 5,000 contacts.

How can I compose a message to a contact?

There are two ways to compose messages to your contacts:

  • From the Address Book, click the email address of the contact you would like to compose to. You'll be taken to the Compose page with that contact's email address already entered as the recipient.

  • From the Compose page, click the "Address Book" link or any of the "To," "Cc," or "Bcc" links. A window showing your contacts will pop up; check the appropriate boxes next to the contacts you wish to include, then click the "Done" button.

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