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Disposable Email Addresses
General Information

What are disposable email addresses?

Disposable email addresses are addresses you create using your Mailshell subdomain ( or registered domain ( you can receive and send email using any address @ your domain. Mailshell makes creating and managing these addresses easy: you can create, approve, edit, and delete addresses in the Disposable Email Addresses section of Spam Filtering.

There are two major benefits to using disposable email addresses:

  • Targeted spam blocking. By giving out a different email address every time you are asked for one, you can easily identify and block sources of spam without affecting the rest of your email. (Click here to see an example of how this works.)

  • Organize your email. By giving out different email addresses for different purposes, you can automatically route messages based on the sender you gave the address to. For instance, you could give out some addresses for work and have them forwarded to your work address and give out some to friends and have them saved on Mailshell.

See below for more examples of how you could use disposable email addresses.

If you are not currently starting at the Disposable Email Addresses page after signing in and would like to, you can use the "set as my Mailshell start page" link or the Display Options to do so.

Why would I want to use disposable email addresses?

Creating new email addresses for each website registration or for each person you correspond with is a good idea because it lets you automatically organize your email for different purposes and prevent junk email.

You can use disposable addresses in a variety of ways:

  • The best way to prevent spam is to use a new email address every time you are asked for it--if you want to register with a website, you can give a disposable address without compromising your real address. For example, if you sign up for an account with, you could give your address as If you begin receiving spam at that address, you can easily delete it.

  • Similarly, if you want to sign up for a newsletter not listed in the Mailshell directory, you can give a disposable address. For example, if you want to receive "TigerNews" you can give your address as

  • You can also have specific addresses for friends, family, and other uses. For example, you could give your work contacts one email address and have it forwarded to your work email address, but tell your family to email you at a different address and save that address in a "Family" folder. Because you never give these email addresses to anyone else, you should never receive spam at them and should be able to continue using them permanently.

Won't it be hard to keep track of several email addresses instead of one?

Nope! Mailshell makes managing your addresses easy, and essentially you can still check all your email in one place. If you choose to have your messages forwarded to an outside address, you can continue getting all of your messages at that address. If you choose to have your messages saved at Mailshell, you can organize them into folders.

Can I change the domain I use for my addresses?

No, you cannot change your subdomain or domain once you have signed up or registered it, although there are several options you can consider:

  • If you are a Premium user currently using a Mailshell subdomain (, you can upgrade to a full domain ( by either registering a new domain or using an existing domain.

  • You can also delete your account and create a new one with a new username. (By deleting your account, all of your existing addresses and messages will also be deleted, and the username you had will no longer be usable. This process cannot be reversed.)

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