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Composing on Mailshell's Site

How do I compose a message?

You can compose a message by clicking the "Compose" link in the light blue navigation bar. These messages can be sent from any of your Mailshell addresses by using the menu in the "From" field; you can also create a new disposable address with the field provided. Type your message, then click the "Send" button.

There are many additional features you can use when sending messages: composing with HTML formatting, sending to Address Book contacts, Save copy in Sent folder, attachments, Priority, Track Delivery, and Send Encrypted.

Please note: Mailshell also provides a useful way for you to send email from your Mailshell addresses using an outside email account. To learn how, click here.

How do I compose with HTML formatting?

If you would like to change font style, size, etc. in your messages, you can use HTML formatting instead of plain text. To do so, click the "Switch to HTML Version" link on the Compose page. (Note that this option is available only if your browser supports it; if the link does not appear, you need to upgrade your browser.)

Once the HTML formatting window is open, you can select text and use the menus and buttons to modify it:

Uses preset formatting on the text.
Changes the font style.
Changes the font size.
Shows you the HTML code used in the message.
Cuts the selected text so it can be pasted elsewhere.
Copies the selected text so it can be pasted elsewhere.
Pastes text you have cut or copied.
Makes the text bold.
Makes the text italicized.
Makes the text underlined.
Changes the text color.
Changes the background color.
Left-aligns the text.
Center-aligns the text.
Right-aligns the text.
Creates a numbered list.
Creates a bulleted list.
Moves the text to the left.
Moves the text to the right.
Lets you link the text to a webpage.

How do I compose a message to an Address Book contact?

There are two ways to compose messages to your contacts:

  • From the Address Book section of Check Mail, click the email address of the contact you would like to compose to. You'll be taken to the Compose page with that contact's email address already entered as the recipient.

  • From the Compose page, click the "Address Book" link or any of the "To," "Cc," or "Bcc" links. A window showing your contacts will pop up; check the appropriate boxes next to the contacts you wish to include, then click the "Done" button.

How do I set the default address used when composing new messages?

You can change the default address used when you compose new messages on Mailshell's site by clicking the "Compose Options" link in Options and choosing a new address.

How do I save an outgoing message in the Sent folder?

You can save a copy of any message you compose on Mailshell's site in the Sent folder by checking the "Save copy in Sent folder" box. (By default, outgoing messages are not saved in the Sent folder unless you check that box. If you would like to save most of your outgoing messages, you can easily change the default.)

What does "Priority" mean?

When composing a message, Mailshell lets you set a message priority of Low, Normal, High, or Urgent by using the "Priority" menu. If the recipient has an email client that supports viewing priorities, the message will be flagged appropriately when they receive it.

Please note: Mailshell's website does not support viewing priorities. If you receive a message that has a priority attached to it, the priority will not be displayed.

What does "Upgrade to Remove Mailshell-Inserted Ads" mean?

If you have the free trial service, after the 30-day trial period ends, Mailshell will append ad footers to all your outgoing email messages; you can see this footer beneath the "Message Body" in the Compose section of Check Mail. If you do not wish to have these ads appended, you can upgrade to the Premium Service.

How do I spell check a message I am composing?

While composing a message, click the "Spellcheck" button. Words which may be misspelled will be listed under Possible Errors. To see a list of suggestions for a word, choose the word from the list.
Note:JavaScript support must be enabled in your browser for spell check to work.

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