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Custom email filters give you greater control over where you receive your messages: you can use different criteria (such as keywords in the subject line of an email) to sort messages to different folders or forwarding addresses.

What are filters used for?

    Email filters let you automatically sort incoming messages based on rules you set up. You can have messages sent to different folders or forwarding addresses based where the message is from, which disposable address it was sent to, keywords in the body or subject line, and other criteria.

    To set up email filters, click the "Filters" link in the dark blue navigation bar in My Mailshell.

Why would I want to use filters?

    Filters provide a powerful way to automatically organize your incoming email and protect yourself from spam. Here are a few examples of how you could use filters:

    • If your friend is going to email you and will expect a response, but you know you won't be able to get to your email for several days, you could set up a filter that sends an automatic reply to messages received from that person.

    • If you are receiving lots of unwanted email, you could set up several filters based on the characteristics of those emails. For instance, many spammers send email in the middle of the night--if you don't typically receive non-spam email at those times, you could filter all email that comes in between 12 AM and 6 AM to your Junk folder. You can also filter by typical spam keywords in the subject line that you know you don't want, like "XXX" or "debt."

    • If you have a Mailshell address forwarding to an account with very little storage space (for instance, a cell phone), you could set up a filter so that all messages sent to that address that are larger than 500 KB will be saved in your Mailshell account rather than forwarded.

How do I create a new filter?

    From My Mailshell, click the "Filters" link in the dark blue navigation bar, then click the "Create" button. Then:

    • Use the drop-down menus and entry fields to choose the filtering criteria you want to use. You can filter by a number of different criteria: keywords in the From header, the To/Cc header, the subject, and/or the body of the message and the file size. (To ignore a condition, leave the drop-down menu selection blank.)

    • Use the "Deliver To" drop-down menu to choose where you want messages matching those criteria to go.

    • If you would like to send an automatic reply to senders whose messages match your criteria, check the "Send Auto-Reply" box and enter the message you would like to send.

    • Click the "Save" button when you are done.

    Don't forget that the order of your filters matters.

Why does the order of my filters matter?

    Filters are applied in the order they are listed on your Filters page in My Mailshell (i.e., every incoming message is first checked against Filter 1, then against Filter 2, and so on). A message may match more than one filter, but it will be handled only according to the first filter it matches.

    For example, if your Filter 1 says, "If From contains then deliver to Folder: Hotmail" and your Filter 2 says, "If From contains then deliver to Folder: Jane," if you receive a message from, the message will go to your Hotmail folder because it matched Filter 1 first. If the order of filters were reversed, a message from would go to your Jane folder while all other messages from a Hotmail address would go to your Hotmail folder. As a general rule, you want to have more specific filters placed earlier.

How do I move a filter?

    From the Filters section of My Mailshell, use the arrows on the left side to move a filter up or down the order.

How do I edit a filter?

    You can edit a filter from the Filters section of My Mailshell by clicking the "edit" link on the right side. Change the information however you wish, then click the "Save" button.

How do I delete a filter?

    You can delete a filter from the Filters section of My Mailshell by clicking the "delete" link on the right side.

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