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Navigating the Site
Special Offers


How do I suggest a newsletter, service, or offer for the Mailshell directory?

    If you encounter an offer that is not available on Mailshell and think we should add it to our directory, please fill out the "Suggest a List" form. Click the "Suggestions" link at the bottom of most pages and then clicking the "Suggest a List" link. Then:

    • Enter a title, URL (typically its subscription page), and a brief description of the offer.

    • If you would like to be notified when the offer is available, enter your email address. If you are signed in, you can choose to be notified at your default email address.

    • Click the "Submit" button.

What are the Quick Guides?

    Quick Guides are columns written by Mailshell editors to help you get greater enjoyment and productivity from your email. Quick Guides are organized by topic and answer questions about what different types of newsletters, services, and offers are; why you might want to subscribe; how to decide what type of email account you want; and information on privacy issues. To get to the Quick Guides, click the "Quick Guides" link under "Topics" on the Special Offers page or by clicking any of the topics in the Quick Guides box on the right sidebar of most other pages.

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