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Composing from Desktop Client or Another Account

Can I compose messages from my Mailshell addresses without signing in?

Mailshell provides a useful way for you to send email from your Mailshell addresses using an outside email account or desktop client; this feature is called "remote compose." To learn how to use this feature, click here.

If you want to restrict which outside addresses can send messages using remote compose (e.g., to prevent anyone else from sending messages using your Mailshell addresses), you can turn on the Restrict Addresses for Remote Compose feature.

If you want the email addresses in forwarded messages to automatically use remote compose format (e.g., so you could reply to a message received at a forwarding address and have it appear to come from the appropriate Mailshell address), you can turn on the Email Address Redirection feature.

Please note: While using this feature to send messages will protect your email address from being displayed in the "From" field, it will not be protected if you include it in the body of your email. The best policy is not to include your real email address within the message body and be aware of whether you have any automatic signatures or features that include the address.

Couldn't anyone use remote compose to send email using my addresses?

Mailshell does provide a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of your addresses when using remote compose: you can set your account so that only forwarding addresses are allowed to send messages using your Mailshell addresses. By default, this feature is turned off. To turn it on, click the "Compose Options" link on the Options page, set the buttons for "Restrict Addresses for Remote Compose" to "Yes," and click the "Save Settings" button.

Anyone attempting to send an email using one of your Mailshell addresses from an outside address not listed will receive a bounce message saying they are not authorized to use that email address.

Can I use remote compose to send from a disposable address that has not been created?

Yes, you can send messages using remote compose from any address, including disposable addresses that have not been created, pending addresses, and deleted addresses. (Note that if you send a message from a deleted address, you will not be able to receive any reply to the message at that address.)

What happens if I send a message using remote compose and it bounces?

The returning bounce error will be treated like any other message and will be saved or forwarded according to the delivery setting for the address you used.

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