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Premium Service
General Information

What is the Mailshell Premium Service?

Mailshell's Premium Service is our complete Intelligent Email system, with additional benefits and features beyond the free trial accounts:

  • Stop existing spam: You can clean out spam from up to three of your POP, IMAP, AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo! accounts and get all the benefits of Mailshell's advanced spam filtering for your current email.

  • Get email where you want: You'll have complete control over where you read messages--send different Mailshell addresses to your work email, home email, cell phone, PDA, etc.

  • Keep your computer safe: Screen out viruses, unwanted images, and hidden tracking devices from senders you don't trust.

  • More than enough storage: Get 50 MB to save all your emails.

  • No ads: You won't have any extra ads cluttering your email.

  • Use your own name: You can use @"your-name".com to create your disposable addresses. It's simple and easy to remember.

  • Track and encrypt messages: Know when recipients have opened your messages and send password- or PGP-encrypted messages for extra security.

  • Tons of other great features: Send attachments, point your domain to an existing website, and much more.

  • Read on your desktop: Mailshell Premium integrates fully with POP- and IMAP-capable email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape, letting you download and store messages locally if you want.

The Premium Service costs $34.95 a year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To sign up, click here.

What extra features will I get with the Premium Service?

Mailshell's Premium Service provides many additional features for your Mailshell account:

  • Stop existing spam: You can clean out existing spam from up to three of your POP, IMAP, AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo! accounts and get all the benefits of Mailshell's advanced spam filtering for your current email.

  • Multiple forwarding addresses: As a Premium user, you can use multiple forwarding addresses instead of just one; for example, you could have some of your disposable addresses go to your personal email address and others go to your work address. You'll have more control than ever before over where you receive your email!

  • More storage space: Premium users get an additional 40 MB of storage space, for a total of 50 MB.

  • Anti-virus and privacy protection: You can make your email safer and more secure with Virus Protection, which screens out possible sources of email-borne viruses, unwanted pornographic images, and hidden tracking devices.

  • No Mailshell-inserted ads: Mailshell will no longer append ads to your messages.

  • POP and IMAP access: View messages stored in your Mailshell folders through Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, or other POP- or IMAP-capable email clients without needing to sign in at our website.

  • Custom email domain: You can use a registered domain ( for your disposable addresses.

  • Track delivery: You can track messages you send from Mailshell and see when the recipients have opened them.

  • Encrypted messages: You can send password- and PGP-encrypted messages for extra security.

  • URL forwarding: You can point your domain to any website or IP address you like, including a personal home page, letting you integrate your Mailshell account with other websites and make your personal domain truly personal.

To sign up for the Premium Service, click here.

How does the Premium Service compare with other email providers?

Mailshell offers a complete service for intelligent email management, including many features not available from standard email providers. You can see a comparison chart by clicking here.

How much does the Premium Service cost?

The Premium Service costs $34.95 a year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Mailshell's 30-day money-back guarantee?

If you signed up for our Premium Service and aren't completely satisfied, you can change your mind within 30 days of registering and we'll refund your money:

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy!

  • If you don't yet have a Mailshell account, just go to the front door and enter the username and password you would like, then follow the step-by-step registration process to purchase and activate your account.

  • If you already have a free trial account and would like to upgrade, click here.

If I already have an account, how do I upgrade?

If you signed for a free trial and want Mailshell's full Premium functionality, including the ability to clean spam from your existing email accounts, virus protection, more storage space, access through desktop clients like Outlook, and more, upgrading is easy! Just click here to start the process.

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