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Spam Filtering Overview

What is the Spam Filtering Overview page used for?

The Spam Filtering Overview section of Spam Filtering is where you can see general setup information like your default Spam Catcher setting and which existing email addresses you are cleaning. Think of this as your central spam filtering hub, where you go to review and change account settings related to spam. If you have an address, this is also the page that lets you change settings for that address.

If you are not currently starting at this page after signing in and would like to, you can use the "set as my Mailshell start page" link or the Display Options to do so.

How can I edit my spam filtering settings?

You can edit any of the settings on the Spam Filtering Overview page by clicking the "edit" link next to a setting or by using the dark blue navigation bar to go directly to the page you want:

What should I use my address for?

If you signed up by choosing a username, you also received an email address. This address is primarily useful if you don't want to use Mailshell to clean your existing email and don't want to use disposable addresses: you can give this address out in place of your existing email address and Mailshell's advanced spam filtering technology will remove any spam you receive. If you like, you can even forward messages to your existing address so that you will still receive all of your email in one place.

To change where this address is delivered, its Spam Catcher strength, or its Virus Protection setting, go to the Spam Filtering Overview section of Spam Filtering and click either the address name or the "edit" links next to the address's current settings.

What are the Additional Spam Filter Options used for?

The Additional Spam Filter Options listed on the Spam Filtering Overview section of Spam Filtering are additional features that will enhance your ability to stop spam but are not necessary for Mailshell's basic function of cleaning your existing email and choosing your Spam Catcher settings:

  • Disposable Email Addresses let you easily identify and block sources of spam without affecting all of your email.

  • Approved Senders are email addresses and domains that you want email from--messages from these senders will never be filtered as junk.

  • Blocked Senders are email addresses and domains that you don't want email from--messages from these senders will be automatically deleted.

  • Custom Email Filters let you automatically filter and organize messages based on keywords in their headers or body or file size and to send automatic replies to senders whose messages match your criteria.

What does "set as my Mailshell start page" mean?

If you want to go to this page immediately after signing in, click this link at the bottom of the page. You can choose to start in the Spam Filtering Overview or Disposable Email Addresses sections of Spam Filtering or in the Inbox or Folders sections of Check Mail. (Note that you can also choose your start page by using the menu in Display Options.)

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