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How do I renew my account?

You can renew your Mailshell subscription by clicking Options > Update/Renew Account. Select a payment option and enter your credit card information.

What is the difference between the $51.90 price plan and the $34.95 price plan?

The $51.90 price plan includes renewal of your existing domain whereas the $34.95 option lets your current domain expire. Instead, you will receive a subdomain, i.e. Both options are a one-year plan. You still get all the other Premium features with the $34.95 price plan except for a personal domain.

When will prices go up again?

Prices are subject to change at any time. To get the best rates, you can lock in at the current price by selecting our multi-year plans. Your price will be locked in for the term you have paid for and can be extended at any time at the most current rates.

What has changed in the last year?

We've made quite a few changes to our Intelligent Email System within the last year. Please refer to the "What's New?" section of our help guide where you can learn more about our latest improvements.

If my account expires, can I restart it at a later date?

No. Once your account expires, your account will be terminated and cannot be recovered.

How can I change my username and/or domain name?

Like many other email providers, we do not allow users to change their username. If you would like a new domain, the easiest solution is to let your current account expire and sign up for a new account along with a new domain.

I've noticed a SpamCatcher license key in my account. What is that?

Located on the Spam Filtering Overview page, the SpamCatcher license key is a 30-day free trial key for our SpamCatcher Outlook Add-in. It currently works with Outlook 2000 and 2002/XP; an Outlook Express version is coming January 2003. It is a completely separate product.

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